Equestrian Photography on Professional Film by a Qualified Pro.

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Professional eQuestrian Photography

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I am a qualified professional craftsman photographer , with the Guild of Photographers uk . I have ove35 years photographic knowledge and experience .  All my commissions are documented on professional film / emulsion 'unless agreed previously' , which ensures only the very ultimate of image quality and photographic reproductions . I cover a wide photographic area , from portraiture , weddings , corporate , social , sport and more ...In 1998 my company Perfect Images UK was established.

My Approach

Being a equine owner my self , combined with my photographic expertise , you can be sure i will capture the images that you require . I will do my reasearch before any event commission , prior to the shoot . I will build a relationship with your equine friend , before I undertake any reportage or portraiture commissions . I will listen to my clients image needs , before planing my approach and shoots , for advertising / commercial images .

 I will travel throughout the United Kingdom and Europe . I can offer on location natural light photography , and portable professional studio lighting facilities , for the un-spooked equine , or commercial commissions.

Commissioning a Film Professional

I do not just turn up at equine shows , expecting people to buy , quickly printed ' there and then prints ' recorded on consumer equipment and printed on consumer equipment ' in 99% of cases '

All my commissions are carefully executed and pre-booked , so to acheive only professional results for my clients . My intension is to make every frame / shot count , so composition , light and subject content is recorded to the best of my professional ability . I will not shoot 300 / 400 images , like a digital enthusiast , who is looking for 20 or so , exceptable images to present to the client ?

My photography packages include colour and black and white photography . Real black and white images , can only be produced on BW film . Digital conversions from colour are not BW and digital at it's best can only offer mono digital files and settings .

My services are only professional , from equipment , to photographic papers , film , developing , printing and myself . I think it is important that potential clients , understand that film produces real traditional photographs as we know them . Digital imaging can only produce a electronic file ? ' There is no material image '

Film photography is far more expensive , than digital imaging , so your commission costs should reflect this . ' How ever it is up to the individual , on how much they charge for there services ' Film images can be reproduced to a very large format , with little loss of quality . Digital images in most cases are not ideal for large format reproductions , due to image data / quality loss . Top photographic stock image libraries , still only except film images , with the majority of libraries , still prefering film image submittions to digital .

Every photographic reproduction is possible when the photographer uses film . The material negative / positive image is pure quality , so any reproduction from the film image , is of the ultimate ! Every photographic reproduction is only available from film ?

My work in most cases can be turned around in 3-5 days , for viewing or completion . Of course in exceptional circumstances , my work can be presented within 24 / 48 hours , for a additional fee .

Regards Simon .


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